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Watercolour Paintings

My love of art in the first place came from using watercolour paints, and I did a lot of my high school artwork in this medium, and sometimes with batik which I really liked. After high school I didn't do much art at all, and from my early twenties for about the next twenty five years, I did none at all. Since discovering needle-felting, I braved getting out the old brushes and paint pans and made some additions to that collection! I am now thoroughly enjoying making pictures in lots of sizes with a range of watercolour paints from different manufacturers (Sennelier and Daniel Smith are my favourite) and experimenting with added textures with salt, gesso and sand, acrylic inks and clingfilm. Yes, clingfilm! A sheet of that covering wet watercolours, and slightly scrunched, will make all sorts of marks and creases into which drops of acrylic ink, or more watercolours, can be made to run on and through parts of the picture. This is really great fun, and here are a few examples of small recent pieces. They are approximately postcard size, and framed in either black, white or wood frames. As they will be for sale in various places in Dumfries & Galloway, please contact me for futher information about them.


Autumn Shore Bronze Skyline Iridescent Shore Morning Fields
 Autumn Shore
 Bronze Skyline  Iridescent Shore  Morning Fields


Mulberry Fields Rose Madder Fields Saguaro Shore Saguaro Skyline
 Mulberry Fields  Rose Madder Fields Saguaro Shore  Saguaro Skyline 


Sapphire Shore Sapphire Skyline Topaz Skyline

Umber Skyline

Sapphire Shore  Sapphire Skyline  Topaz Skyline Umber Skyline 


Umber Fields Umber Skyline 2
Umber Fields   Umber Skyline II