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Embroidered Felt Art

These pictures are created by mixing needle-felting with embroidery using silk and cotton threads, either by hand, or by free motion machine embroidery. The appliqué pieces use a variety of fibres and materials, including silks, cotton, organza, Indian silk threads and cotton threads, and Finnish handmade wool felt.

I use a water-soluble film called Avalon to stabilise the process of sewing on the felted picture and to prevent my sewing machine clogging up with dust from the fibres. The whole picture is then soaked in warm water to remove the Avalon and left to dry completely before any other work is done on it.

Moonlit Garden was made with home-made silk paper, using silk fibres that still contain sericin, the natural "glue" in the silk cocoon. 

Countryside of Flowers   Moonlit Garden Moonlit Garden 2 

Indian Summer Dawn

Countryside of Flowers Moonlit Garden  Moonlit Garden 2
Dawn Garden Embroidered Flower Garden Foxgloves  Riverscape

Dawn Garden

Embroidered Flower Garden