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Gallery 2016

I've begun this gallery with a commission piece, Freedom Wander, on the lower left of this collection. I created this picture in a new style; it is an unframed needle-felted picture with the felt stretched over a canvas frame. It catches the light in a very different way to the pictures I have made so far that are framed behind glass. 

My pictures are continuing to develop with new types of wool and other fibres, bolder colours and a bit more trust in my imagination process - I have been working more with textiles and my sewing machine, experimenting with painting the picture frames, and have gained new experience holding my first needle-felting workshop at the beginning of April. 

I completed two further commission pieces late August/early September, both of these very different works again. The Commission Landscape (otherwise untitled) is a large wet-felted wall-hanging for clients near Castle Douglas. This is now hung in the living room of their beautiful holiday cottage. It is 56" x 28", and although the finished picture below shows some vertical felting lines in it, those flattened out completely using a bit of careful steam ironing.

The third commission piece is the seascape which is entirely needle-felted, at 1m x 50cm. This is now hanging above the fireplace in its new home in the Calder Valley in Yorkshire. Its clients saw my exhibition at the Workshop Gallery in Castle Douglas in June 2016 and asked me to develop a seascape based on my picture Stormy Seas - both of these pictures use a lot of Mongolian cashmere fibre to create the effect of the waves on the rocks, and I added kid mohair for extra sheen to this one. The original Stormy Seas picture can be seen in the archive gallery.


Golden Moon on the Garden Golden Moon Over the Valley  Night Woodland Woodland Glow 
Golden Moon on the Garden Golden Moon Over the Valley  Night Woodland   Woodland Glow


Glen in Flower 2 Glen in Flower 3 Glen in Flower 4  Glen in Flower 5
 Glen in Flower 2  Glen in Flower 3  Glen in Flower 4  Glen in Flower 5


Glen in Flower 1 Moon Rising Seascape Valley Blossom  Peach Sunrise
Glen in Flower Moon Rising Seascape 2 Valley Blossom Peach Sunrise


Commission Landscape Commission Seascape
Commission Landscape Commission Seascape

 Feedback from the owners of the commissioned landscape above:

What a beautiful artwork, Kerry - thank you so much! We really appreciate all the time you put into developing new techniques to create such a big and beautiful felted wall-hanging, we love it ...... PS the sheep are fab!


Desert Fire Woodland Shade Woodland Shade 2 Woodland Shade 3
Desert Fire  Woodland Shade  Woodland Shade 2
Woodland Shade 3


Sold ~ Riverbank in Bloom Reflections on a Dark Sea Seascape 6 Spring Snow
Riverbank in Bloom Reflections on a Dark Sea Seascape 6  Spring Snow


These three pictures below are all made for 50cm x 50cm box frames. I have used some new wools, including North Ronaldsay, Castlemilk Moorit and Ryeland, and other fibres, such as rose fibre and trilobal nylon, for these pictures. 

Lone Tree by the Loch Seascape IV Sunset Over Ravenscar Five Sheep at Dawn
Lone Tree by the Loch Seascape 5 Sunset Over Ravenscar  Five Sheep at Dawn


Freedom Wander Beach Breakers Golden Shore 2
Freedom Wander Beach Breakers Golden Shore 2